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Modular Instrument Organizing System

Welcome to Jewel Precision's innovative generic Surgical Instrument Organizing System. The SIOS makes organizing your instruments uncomplicated. SIOS cases, trays, & brackets are made to endure the harsh conditions of the sterilization process, plus the rigors of shipping & handling. The SIOS is ideal for pre-prototype instrument development. It assists busy surgery centers & hospitals to organize their instruments.

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The cases, trays & brackets are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your instrument requirements. All of the SIOS trays come with a cover enabling a tray to be utilized as a single level system. Each tray is made to be used in combination with an outer case converting your tray into a bi-level system. The cases, trays, & brackets have material coating selections that enhance your products marketability. SIOS systems are crafted to allow optimum storage protection of your instruments while permitting fast sterilization cycle times.

A generic 270°steam autoclave sterilization validation test shows that a SIOS Full Size Bi-Level exclusive nylon coated coated system weighing 25 lbs. validated with a recommended five minute sterilization cycle. Testing performed on the exclusive nylon coated material coating indicates that after seven years of continuous use in a steam autoclave environment, exclusive nylon coated showed no signs of deterioration. exclusive nylon coated is a highly resilient material developed by Jewel Precision as an alternative to Radel® plastic or stainless steel case systems. It is a process where an aluminum product is coated with a durable nylon polymer, exclusive nylon coated endures being treated with the extremely harsh pH cleaners being used worldwide.

All SIOS brackets are exclusive nylon coated coated & silicone encased. The bracket is designed with special locating pins, this allows you to arrange the instruments until they are perfectly configured. Once you are satisfied with the layout, screw the brackets into place. You are now ready to ship your instruments worldwide while confidently knowing they are securely housed in a SIOS system. The SIOS Bracket Silicone inserts are interchangeable. This permits you to keep the bracket shell and exchange the silicone slot for a different size. The bracket slot size range from 1mm to 32mm increasing in 1mm increments.

Modular Case & Tray Collection

The SIOS surgical instrument organizing system can be customized to help distinguish your instrument system. Your company, surgery center or hospital logo can be silk-screened on any outer case, inner tray, mini tray, & cover.
modular delivery system
Superbly crafted with a variety of sizes & material coatings to compliment your instrument requirements. Choose from single or Bi-Level systems in White or Light Gray PlasTelTMor Clear Anodized Aluminum.
modular delivery system
Scope Tray • SI–052
Includes a Cover
4.75′′ x 20′′ x 2.25′′, 120mm x 510mm x 57mm

Half Tray • SI–053
Includes a Cover.
9.75′′ x 10′′ x 2.25′′, 250mm x 255mm x 57mm

3/4 Tray • SI–054
Includes a Cover
10′′ x 15′′ x 2.25′′, 255mm x 381mm x 57mm

Full Tray • SI–055
Includes a Cover
10′′ x 20′′ x 2.25′′, 255mm x 510mm x 57mm

Bi-Level 3/4 Tray System • SI–056
Includes One 3/4 Outer Case, Cover, Support Brackets,
& One 3/4 Tray.
10′′ x 15′′ x 5′′, 255mm x 381mm x 127mm

Bi-Level Full Tray System • SI–057
Includes 1 Full Outer case, 1 Full Case Cover, Support Brackets,
& 1 Full Tray.
10′′ x 20′′ x 5′′, 255mm x 510mm x 127mm

Bi-Level Half Tray System • SI–058
Includes 1 Full Outer Case, 1 Full Case Cover, Support Brackets,
& 2 Half Trays.
10′′ x 20′′ x 5′′, 255mm x 510mm x 127mm

Rongeur Tray • SI–061
Includes a Cover
10′′ x 15′′ x 6′′, 255mm x 381mm x 153mm>

Accessory Collection

Easily organize and protect your instruments with Jewel Precision's modular systems.

Single Bracket (Small) • SI–01
Insert Sizes (1mm – 10mm)

Single Bracket (Medium) • SI–02
Insert Sizes (11mm – 20mm)

Single Bracket (Large) • SI–03
Insert Sizes (21mm – 32mm)

Dual Slot Bracket • SI–04
Insert Sizes (1mm – 11mm)

Quad Slot Bracket • SI–05
Insert Sizes (1mm – 11mm)

Six Slot Bracket • SI–06
Insert Sizes (1mm – 11mm)

Eight Slot Bracket • SI–07
Insert Sizes (1mm – 11mm)
Ten Slot Bracket • SI–08
Insert Sizes (1mm – 11mm)

New 45 Degree Brackets • SI–09

1mm – 32mm

Silicone Mat • SI–015

Sizing Varies (Check for Sizes)

Miscellaneous Implant

Container • SI–030

2′′ x 3′′ x 1.375′′, 51mm x 77mm x 35mm Holds
screw lengths up to 65mm

Generic Screw Rack • SI–040

Holds screw heads from 3.5 to 8.5 Holds
screw lengths up to 65mm