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Customized Delivery Systems

Jewel Precision began manufacturing innovative custom sterilization case systems in 1984. We are the manufacturer of the SIOS, Surgical Instrument Organizing System. Jewel Precision's experience in sterilization case manufacturing gives us an edge in developing distinctive systems with a combination of material choices, finishes, and product housing features. We offer unique solutions for protecting any type of screws, implants, plates, or instrumentation.

Our case systems are made to withstand the harsh environment of the sterilization process. Jewel Precision case systems securely guard your valuable instrumentation against the rigors of shipping and handling. Our approach to their development is to create an aesthetically pleasing system that enhances your products marketability. Jewel Precision works closely with your product development staff to devise an incomparable system based upon your requirements. The case systems are constructed to be low profile with maximum steam ventilation that provides quick steam autoclave cycle times.

Assured Quality

We adhere to a stringent Quality Assurance Program which is evident in Jewel Precision being an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified and EU Competent Authority registered organization. The entire manufacturing process is controlled in house at Jewel Precision. Our custom case systems are made with medical grade raw materials, and are formed to perfection. We offer finishing options in an extensive color selection of anodize or our exclusive nylon material coating.

custom delivery systemOur three-dimensional graphics present life-like renditions of your instruments aiding in the repacking of the system. Our protective corner bumpers permit the systems to be stacked & carried plus protect the contents during accidental drops. Our user friendly layouts assist in the flow of your specific procedure. Contact our Sales Team to discuss creating a custom sterilization case which will distinguish your products from your competition.
custom delivery system
Exclusive Nylon Coated Cases

custom delivery system Jewel Precision's exclusive Nylon material coating is a reliable alternative to plastic thermoformed or stainless steel systems. Our exclusive coating is a resilient nylon polymer applied over aluminum to create a finish similar to plastic. It eliminates water retention and fragility problems common in the use of plastic.

Custom Options Only Available from Jewel

Our exclusive nylon coating is more durable than stainless steel, test results prove that after seven stimulated years of continuous use in a 270°steam autoclave our exclusive nylon coating shows no signs of deterioration. Our exclusive nylon coating remains strong even when being treated with the harsh pH cleaners being used worldwide.

custom delivery system
Precision Detailed Modules.

Jewel Precision's years of experience allow us to develop solutions for complex problems found housing small delicate components. Jewel Precision modules are machined utilizing medical grade Aluminum, Propylux HS, and Radel R5500. We offer inventive concepts that enable us to capture various screw, implants, and plates to the tightest tolerances. Jewel Precision can laser engrave part graphics, names, and reference numbers so your machined module is clearly defined. Jewel Precision processes the capability to thermoform Radel sterilization systems. These lightweight systems are made with maximum steam ventilation. They can be laser engraved or silk-screened to assist in repacking and marketing your system.